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Content Guide

A guide on how to write clear, consistent, and
accessible content at Skylight.

Voice and tone

Skylight’s voice

Our voice has five key qualities communicated in both what we say and how we say it. Working together, these qualities make everything we write sound uniquely Skylight.

  • Expressive. We use simple words and phrases to convey profound thoughts and big feelings.
  • Smart. We bring unique knowledge and insights to the conversation.
  • Lighthearted. The world is tough. The work we do is tough. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we’re easy to work with.
  • Embracing. Whoever you are, we’re your biggest supporter.
  • Worldly. We’re interested, knowledgeable, and always learning. We have a broad worldview, but we’re not know-it-alls.



Today’s public expects their interactions with the government to be delightful, secure, and empowering.


We believe that the public today expects their interactions with the government to be one based on delight, security, and empowerment.



At Skylight, we combine technical and acquisition knowledge to make procurement work for you in the digital age.


Skylight makes the procurement process super simple. Not to mention fun!



What brings us together is a passion for creating better outcomes for the public through great government digital services. We’re basically impact junkies.


Our company creates positive impact for the public through the modernization and professionalization of government digital services.



Giving back strengthens our communities, brings people together, provides us valuable experience, and makes us more engaged in our work.


Skylight supports employee volunteering activities if it helps them be more efficient once they are back at work.



With our unique blend of government and commercial expertise, you can rely on us to help solve your agency’s toughest digital challenges.


We’ve seen every type of digital challenge there is. In fact, we guarantee that our world-leading experts will solve your issues without breaking a sweat.

Skylight’s tone

While our voice is constant, our tone should change depending on the emotional state of the person we’re addressing. We wouldn’t want to use the same tone of voice with someone who’s scared or upset as we would with someone who’s laughing. In other words, we choose our tone based on empathy and context.

The way we speak encourages people to tell us more, and it invites people to get to know us. Because of this, we take a conversational tone with our writing: everyday talk that’s easy to understand and feels approachable. However, there are certain situations that call for a more formal tone and others that call for more exuberance.



With more and more public services powered by software, it’s imperative for government officials to understand technical debt and how to manage it effectively.


Attention clients! Do you know what technical debt is? If not, we can help! We’ve got some serious expertise when it comes to helping your agency manage it.



Calling all students — it’s not too late to find a summer internship! We’re looking for product designers, content strategists, and software engineers, so act fast!


Skylight has a number of exciting positions open this summer for students, including internships in product design, content strategy, and software engineering.

How to become great at voice and tone

One of our company values is remembering whom we serve. By keeping users and partners in mind, you allow yourself to see someone else’s perspective, helping you feel empathy for them. Trust what you observe. Then put the good things you notice into practice.


  • Voice is constant. Tone is fluid.
  • We choose our tone based on empathy and context.
  • Skylight would be the type of person you’d love to grab coffee with.
  • You’re already great at Skylight voice and tone, just by being part of the team.

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