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Good work requires good tools.

Here are some of the tools and resources that we use at Skylight to help us and our clients deliver better public services. These toolkits are always being iterated on and are available to everyone under our public-domain license. Feel free to copy and adapt them as you choose.

Digital Talent Management Handbook

A comprehensive guide on how government agencies can recruit, hire, onboard, and retain digital talent.

Contact: Transformation Community of Practice

Data Sharing Playbook

A guide for state & local agencies on how to improve cross-organizational data sharing.

Contact: Data Community of Practice

Accessibility Guide

Tools and practices for making products and services accessible to everyone.

Contact: Accessibility Community of Practice

Agile Procurement Playbook

A guide on how to apply the principles of agile to procurement.

Contact: Procurement Community of Practice

Managing Technical Debt Guide

A guide on how to manage technical debt in software development projects.

Contact: Engineering Community of Practice

These toolkits are managed by our Communities of Practice. Communities are organized groups within Skylight who are passionate about developing and sharing our expertise with the world. We currently have eight communities of practice. These include: Research & Design, Product & Delivery, Engineering, Data, Procurement, Transformation, Accessibility, and Internet of Things.