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Public Health Data & Digital Services

Learn how Skylight can empower your agency with cutting-edge tools so you make the most of your data.

Who is Skylight?

We're an interdisciplinary team of researchers, designers, engineers, and data scientists with deep experience in the public health data and digital services space.

Our goal is to enable public health leaders with the tools and expertise they need to build flexible, modern, and performant data systems.

Our services

At Skylight, our public health technologists combine a human-centered, research-based approach with lean and agile principles and deep public health data expertise to deliver exceptional user experiences and enduring software solutions.

We can help you:

  • Build modern digital infrastructure usable for both daily and emergent public health action, across multiple disease areas and types of public health threats
  • Strengthen data systems and processes to enable timely, complete data sharing for public health action
  • Break down siloes and connect data across person, place, and time
  • Grow your team's technical capacity through tailored workforce support and training

We want to understand your unique data needs and assess how we can support your data modernization efforts. Engaging with us includes elements of the following:

Needs assessment

We'll perform an analysis of your current data systems, from hosting to end-user experience. Through this analysis, you can learn how your users interact with every system and discover opportunities to accelerate the adoption of modern digital and data practices.

Data modernization strategy

We'll design a strategy to meet your data modernization goals and maximize your dollars and time. You can use this strategy to find out how to improve your organization's systems, processes, and technical capabilities.


We'll use an agile, user-centered product development approach to develop custom software solutions. Our flexible, sustainable software tools will help solve your jurisdiction's data challenges and modernize your data workflows.

Workforce enablement

We'll partner directly with your team to build their technical capacity through pairing, shadowing, and regular product demonstrations. Through this tailored support and training, our experts can develop your team’s internal competencies.

Our track record

As a contractor to CDC and the Office of Public Health Data, Surveillance, and Technology (OPHDST), we're behind some high priority improvements and innovations that directly benefit public health authorities at all levels of government, including SimpleReport and Data Integration Building Blocks.

We've helped multiple public health partners improve the way that they
collect, process, and share data so they can more easily:

  • Identify diseases and conditions
  • Detect emerging public health threats
  • Conduct data analysis to derive insights
  • Understand disease burden and severity across different populations
  • Leverage data to take public health action

How to engage with us

  • State and local contracting vehicles
  • Microconsulting packages
  • GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)
  • Accessible to all federal, state, and local governments

Case studies

Ready to modernize your data systems?

Contact us to learn more about how Skylight can help your organization.