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State of Connecticut

Helping transform early childhood services


The Connecticut Office of Early Childhood (OEC) is embarking on a journey to change how they use technology in support of young children and their families throughout the state of Connecticut. We were brought in to help them achieve this important goal.

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The challenge

OEC is a $400M state agency that oversees a network of programs and services, such as child development and parenting support, that help over 200,000 young children and their families thrive.

A key part of OEC’s work is supporting the providers, teachers, and other professionals who’ve dedicated their careers to caring for and educating children.

OEC’s ability to successfully execute on their mission depends on the effective use of technology, much of which needs modernizing in order to deliver better user experiences.

In alignment with the Preschool Development Grant program, which is administered by the Administration for Children and Families, OEC sought a partner who could help them digitally transform their organization.

The solution

To address this challenge, we designed an approach that focuses on building OEC’s internal digital capacity while at the same time modernizing critical services. Thus far, our efforts have involved:

The results

  • Launched several modernized services, including OEC’s new online presence
  • Built up internal digital capacity through talent support, training, pairing, and best-practice toolkits
  • Accelerated the adoption of modern acquisition practices
  • Helped enable over 200 professionals to work more effectively in a virtual environment

Let’s deliver together.

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