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How to rescue failing programs

To rescue a failing program, you must protect the four freedoms of enterprise system development.

Principles for a federal CIO-led digital transformation

The digital revolution presents a unique leadership opportunity for federal CIOs to reinvent themselves and their agencies. Here we present a set of key principles for federal CIOs to consider following in order to seize it.

Unsolicited proposal for a microconsulting services marketplace platform

A preannouncement for an unsolicited proposal to construct a microconsulting services marketplace platform, which we plan to pitch to the entire federal government.

Public domain procurement

Avoiding vendor lock-in situations is just one of many reasons that the government should consider using public domain procurements.

The search for mentor-protégé relationships

We're actively looking to establish mentor-protégé relationships with companies interested in joint, ongoing pursuit of digital project opportunities.

Five former Presidential Innovation Fellows and 18F co-founders join Skylight

Announcing the addition of Chris Cairns, Robert Read, John Teeter, Geoff Mulligan, and Kin Lane to the Skylight team.

Reactions to our Agile Share-in-Savings model

Several months ago, we published a blog post series on a concept called Agile Share-in-Savings. We received a number of positive reactions, as well as some worthy counter-arguments.

Software badness quantified

Until a more robust model for measuring technical debt is developed, we suggest using a simple formula for measuring the "badness" of a codebase in order to facilitate system improvement decisions.

Case management: a study in non-traditional economics for government

Case management systems are commonplace and largely overlap. Agencies and vendors should consider innovative models for cooperating with one another in order to reduce duplicative efforts.


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