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Our written thoughts on design, technology, and more.

A smarter way to build Smart Cities

Smart cities offer the promise of making people’s lives more convenient, secure, and sustainable. Here we offer city leaders smarter ways for realizing that promise.

Why government IT professionals need to do what the cool kids are doing

A case for why hiring and growing great people requires government IT professionals to do what the cool kids are doing.

Puerto Rico, a disaster lab: Three research proposals

Puerto Rico is a natural testing-ground for disaster resilience technologies due to its unique characteristics. Here we present three research project ideas in the Internet of Things space.

Achieve DevOps Transformation with Skylight and DORA

Transforming your software delivery performance through DevOps requires using a metrics-driven, continuous improvement cycle. Here’s how you can do that smartly with Skylight and DORA.

Thoughts on the use of technical challenges in government procurements

The use of technical challenges in government procurements is on the rise. Here are some thoughts on what acquisition professionals can do to make even better use of them.

Maximizing the power of APIs: Balancing freedom and control

If an organization really wants to empower its users, it needs a way to provide maximum power to the user with both safety and security. APIs allow you to design a solution that’s not simply the average of these extremes, but rather provides 90% of the power with 99% of the security.

Nick Bristow: Making government digital services more accessible

Skylight’s Nick Bristow is one of the world’s leading experts in technology accessibility. Here, he has been working with our government clients to deliver digital services that are accessible and meet the needs of all users.

Containers: Thinking inside the box

Containers enable software portability across a wide range of computing environments. Here’s what you need to know about their budgetary, technical, and organizational value.

Geoff Mulligan: Engineering open and interoperable IoT solutions

Skylight’s Geoff Mulligan is one of the world’s leading experts in smart cities and IoT systems. Here, he has been working with our government clients to engineer open and interoperable IoT solutions.

Josh Dorothy: Engineering great developer experiences through DevOps

Josh Dorothy’s career path has taken him from lawyer to DevOps engineer with the U.S. Digital Service before joining Skylight. Here, he’s been working with our government clients to engineer great developer experiences through DevOps.

Supplement your team with specific digital expertise through our Microconsulting Services

Not every problem requires a full-blown consulting engagement. Often times, a short burst of work on a specific topic is all that’s needed to help propel government managers and teams forward.

New bug bounty program solution to secure government digital services

Integrating bug bounties into government’s DevSecOps processes can produce far more robust and secure digital services. Here’s a look at our new bug bounty solution.

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