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Service Design Framework

Practices and tools for delivering optimal user experience journeys.


Success metrics

Success metrics are the criteria you define to measure how well your service and its implementation meet the goals of the project.


Success metrics example framework Mural

Who’s involved

The core team and any relevant stakeholders


Conduct this exercise as you’re creating an implementation plan

How to use this method

While you develop an implementation plan, you also need to develop metrics that will help you quantify how the implementation is working. Metrics can measure business outcomes — such as revenue or user retention — or the experience of users or staff. They’re typically expressed as a number, for example, percent increase or a score on a survey.

As you measure against your success metrics, you’ll get a sense for how you can refine and improve your solution. That means your work isn’t done once you define the metrics; you’ll also have to identify a strategy for measuring and collecting data, assess the data you collect, then determine how to adjust your solution according to the results.

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