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Service Design Framework

Practices and tools for delivering optimal user experience journeys.

Appendix B: Templates

Skylight adapts these templates to use in the various methods we leverage in our service design projects. Some are our own, and others we’ve borrowed from practitioners we trust. Templates aren’t prescriptive or rigid; feel free to alter them to meet your specific project needs.

The templates below are organized by phase. Most are in the tool Mural, but can easily be done on a physical whiteboard, in Google Slides, or whatever tools you have at your disposal.



Method: Proto-personas
Tool: Mural

Stakeholder mapping

Method: Stakeholder mapping
Tool: Mural


Catalog of documents

Method: Desk review or secondary research
Tool: Google Sheet

User interview script

Method: Stakeholder and customer interviews
Tool: 18F website

Affinity map

Method: Affinity mapping
Tool: Mural

Customer journey map

Method: Customer journey mapping
Tool: Mural

Service blueprint

Method: Service blueprint
Tool: Mural


Point of view (POV) statement

Method: POV statement
Tool: Mural

Impact / feasibility map

Method: Prioritization workshops
Tool: Mural


No templates needed.


High-level roadmap

Method: Roadmap
Tool: Mural

Success metrics framework

Method: Success metrics
Tool: Mural

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