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Service Design Framework

Practices and tools for delivering optimal user experience journeys.



Act out a service to understand the key elements you should consider in designing a solution.


No template needed

Who’s involved

At least two team members


Any time after you form a concept for a solution

How to use this method

Prototyping makes ideas tangible, so you can check your assumptions about the problem, get feedback about a concept, and test the viability of an idea. A simple way to test an idea for a service is to act it out. This can reveal an idea’s value, in terms of both functionality and emotion. To use this method:

1. Define the scenario

Choose a starting point for what you’ll act out. Assign teammates to play the role of customers, staff delivering a service, and any other stakeholders who might be a part of the interaction. You can even assign someone to play the role of a digital application or other props — or you could use objects lying around or make quick paper prototypes.

2. Act it out

Run through the scenario, with observers taking notes.

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