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Service Design Framework

Practices and tools for delivering optimal user experience journeys.


Prioritization workshop

Align your team and stakeholders on which solutions to pursue based on factors such as value to customers and organizational lift.


Impact/feasibility matrix Mural

Who’s involved

Core team members and key decision-making stakeholders


Any time after you form a concept for a solution; plan to spend about 30 minutes

How to use this method

Prioritization workshops help the team collaboratively decide on what to focus on and gain alignment around decisions. Prioritization workshops can use different methods — from dot voting to a range of 2x2 matrices — and can occur at any point the team needs to make a key decision.

These are the steps for deciding which solution ideas to prioritize using the impact/feasibility mapping template:

1. Set the stage

Introduce the matrix and familiarize the team with the two axes — impact and feasibility. Feel free to modify the labels of the axes, for example, to value and time to implementation.

2. Start with one

Place the first idea in the center of the 2x2 matrix. There’s no ‘“right” place to put this first idea; all of the placement will be relative to this position.

3. Map impact

Impact is an idea’s value for or positive effect on an organization or customers. Plot ideas relative to each other on the impact axis to start, discussing as you go. No two features can occupy the same space on the axis.

4. Map feasibility

Feasibility is how easy or hard an idea will be to implement. Drag ideas left and right to plot their relative feasibility. No two features can occupy the same space on this axis.

5. Document takeaways

The ideas closest to the upper right corner of the matrix have the greatest impact and are the easiest to implement. You should prioritize these when developing your roadmap.

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