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Service Design Framework

Practices and tools for delivering optimal user experience journeys.


POV (point of view) statement

Articulate who your customers are, their needs, and important insights about them. Use this statement to gain a deeper understanding of the problem space and start developing solutions.


POV statement Mural

Who’s involved

Team members and stakeholders from the organization who can contribute to brainstorming


After you’ve completed initial research and have created artifacts, and before you begin brainstorming ideas prioritizing the ideas you want to explore; plan to spend about 30 minutes

How to do this method

Gather your team, using the template provided, and follow these steps:

1. Gather data

Using the existing research, collect ideas for each of these categories:

  • User: Who you’re designing solutions for
  • Need: What are they trying to accomplish with a service
  • Insight: Why your users need to meet this need

Consult artifacts such as affinity maps, personas, and customer journey maps to inform your ideas.

2. Fill in the template

Decide on one idea for each category — user, need, and insight — and combine them into a statement using the fill-in-the-blank style template.

3. Refine the statement

Try writing down the whole statement outside the template to revisit. Does it:

  • Have a narrow enough focus to help guide solution ideas?
  • Avoid prescribing a solution?
  • Allow for multiple solution possibilities?
  • Look concise and sound good?

Embrace service design.

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