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Digital Transformation Framework

Digitally transforming government


The Digital Transformation Framework is a comprehensive framework designed to help agencies transform into digitally-powered organizations.

Two people using old computers sitting across from someone using a modern computer.

The challenge

To think and be more digital, government organizations need to mature along multiple, self-reinforcing dimensions — talent and empowerment, customer experience, digital procurement, cloud and DevOps, data management, enterprise agile, and legacy modernization. But how can they do so in a way that’s manageable, sustainable, incrementally valuable, and ultimately independent of expensive consultancies?

The solution

To address this challenge, Chris Cairns and Shashank Khandelwal, as members of 18F and the Federal Chief Information Officer’s Technology Transformation Task Force (the precursor to the American Technology Council), collaborated with multiple government technology executives and renowned transformation experts to develop a comprehensive framework for digital transformation. The framework incorporates lessons learned and best practices from multiple agencies with digital transformation experience, making it specifically designed to address the unique digital maturity needs of government organizations.

The results

  • Validated through feedback from nearly a dozen government technology executives
  • Adopted by multiple federal agencies as part of comprehensive engagements with 18F

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