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Building a communication application for remote teams


Carrot is an asynchronous communication application that reduces the noise of chat and email so distributed teams can stay focused and informed with fewer interruptions.

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The challenge

In the age of Slack and fast-moving chat conversations, the lack of focus and clarity is a huge problem in the workplace. Chat apps keep everyone connected throughout the day, yet it’s more difficult for teams to stay aligned around the big picture of what’s most important. The problem is the leadership signal is getting lost in all the noise.

The solution

To address this problem, Sean Johnson led the product development of Carrot, an asynchronous communication application for better team discussions. Realized as the open source OpenCompany platform, Carrot is designed to be as delightful and interactive as chat, but asynchronous so people can get caught up on their own time. This enables leaders to keep everyone focused on what matters most to build transparency, trust, and stronger distributed teams.

The results

  • Initially created a minimum viable product
  • Validated core hypotheses through extensive and iterative user testing
  • Steadily growing the user base

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