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Building a communication application for leaders


Carrot is a leadership communication application that helps leaders rise above the noise of chat and email to keep teams alinged around what matters most.

Product screenshot of a demo page of the streams functionality.

The challenge

In the age of Slack and fast-moving conversations, the lack of focus and clarity have become a huge problem in the workplace. Email and chat apps keep everyone connected throughout the day, yet it's become even more difficult for teams to stay aligned around what's most important. The problem is that leadership is getting lost in all the noise.

The solution

To address this problem, Sean Johnson led the product development of a "non-chat" communication application for leaders called Carrot. Powered by the open source OpenCompany platform, Carrot is designed to be as delightful and interactive as chat, but asynchronous so people can get caught up on their own time. This enables leaders to keep everyone focused on what matters most in order to build transparency, trust, and stronger teams.

The results

  • Created a minimum viable product
  • Validated core hypotheses through extensive and iterative user testing
  • Successfully released of a beta version of the application