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People Power Distributed IoT Platform

Intelligence at the edge.


People Power is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution platform that enables the automated acquisition of sensor data from connected devices and the delivery of intelligent services to residential and commercial customers.

An abstract image of a globe with connecting nodes representing the Internet of Things.

The challenge

IoT sensors produce overwhelming streams of data, making the task of understanding and responding to the information available for analysis within these streams extremely difficult, particularly for residential and commercial applications.

The solution

To address this difficulty, John Teeter led the engineering team to create an IoT platform that enables the integration of real-time data streams into a cloud-based repository where module automation, or "Bots," are watching and responding to patterns within these data streams. The platform also provides domain-specific workflows for home security, wellness management, and social interactions.

The results

Thus far, notable results include:

  • Awarded Small Business Innovation Research grant from the Department of Energy for Intelligent Home Systems
  • Achieved rank as #1 lifestyle application in the Apple App Store
  • Deployed at scale with a national energy provider
  • Established provider partnership with the world's largest mobile communications provider