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API Microconsulting

Capture the value of APIs. Done right, APIs can give you the power to modernize legacy systems safely, transform user experiences, improve operational efficiencies, spur economic growth and innovation, monetize data, and more. We can help.

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Introduction to APIs

Know everything you need to know in order to get started with delivering mission-centric APIs. We'll guide you through all the key areas, including API strategy, user-centric API design, API design principles, and the rest of the API lifecycle.

API Lifecycle

Understand the entire API lifecycle, from conception to deprecation. We'll guide you through all the key stops such as strategy, design, testing, deployment, virtualization, security, management, integration, and more that are required to scale the delivery and operation of APIs across your organization.

API Strategy

Advance and accelerate your mission through the power of APIs. We'll guide you the process of determining which APIs to build or evolve using our data analysis, customer journey mapping, strategic prioritization, and roadmapping techniques, as well as deciding whether and how to monetize.

API Architecture

Deliver a portfolio of APIs that are flexible, scalable, and secure. We'll show you how to establish an API architecture framework and management team for consistently crafting APIs, whether they're REST, GraphQL, Microservices, or even gRPC, across all of your API development teams.

API Design

Create and sustain exceptional developer and user experiences around your API. We'll show you how to achieve this by embracing the principles of effective API design, including learnability, evolvability, discoverability, platform independence, and more.

API Management

Orchestrate and manage API operations at scale. We'll show you how to achieve this by leveraging API management tools such as Apigee, Layer 7, and Mashery for creating, publishing, maintaining, monitoring, controlling, and securing your APIs.

API Outreach

Cultivate vibrant communities who use and benefit from your APIs. We'll guide you through all the steps required to develop and execute a successful API outreach program, such as developing a communications strategy, creating developer-friendly documentation and a developer portal, and much more.

Health APIs

Tap into the potential of APIs to transform healthcare outcomes, including the quality and cost of care, patient experience, and innovation. We'll show you how to achieve this by leveraging APIs to liberate healthcare data for use by patients, providers, researchers, and developers.

API-led Legacy Modernization

Modernize your legacy systems through API enablement. We'll show you how to unlock data from systems (system APIs), compose data into processes (process APIs), and deliver an experience (experience APIs).

API Design for Microservices

Leverage APIs to enable your loosely-coupled microservice architectures. We'll show you how to design every microservice in your architecture to communicate with each other via APIs, as well as how to govern these APIs across all your microservices.

API-driven DevOps

Take advantage of APIs to power infrastructure as code and distributed architectures. We'll show you how to achieve this by leveraging APIs exposed by popular CI tools, as well as how to test and integrate your own APIs in a CI/CD workflow.

API Research

Leverage our decades' worth of API research for best practices, vendor options, trends, and validation. We'll give you the insight and credibility you need to confidently decide what makes most sense for your situation.

Custom API Support

Our expertise spans the entire API lifecycle, from conception to deprecation. We're happy to offer a tailored approach to meet your specific API needs.

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