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Need immediate, high-impact support to address a problem or opportunity that doesn't require a full-blown engagement? Our Microconsulting services are designed specifically for that purpose, providing you with on-demand access to our digital expertise. These services are conveniently priced within the government's micropurchase thresholds. And can be delivered in a variety of modular formats, including training, workshop, or custom engagement.

Service elements


Don't waste money building the wrong thing. We'll show you how to build the right digital product using our proven strategy-making process that involves analyzing your mission needs, assessing the product opportunity, and developing a product plan.


Create exceptional digital user experiences. We'll show you how to achieve this by embracing proven design approaches, including user research, design systems, pattern-based design, responsive user interface patterns, and more.


Accelerate your software development efforts through access to our talented team of software engineers. We can rapidly deliver a range of high-quality software contributions, including prototypes, microservices, features, bug fixes, automation scripts, and more.


Make digital services more accessible to everyone. Our team of recognized accessibility and Section 508 compliance experts will show you how to achieve this through the adoption of accessibility development best practices.

Application Programming Interfaces

Harness the connective power of application programming interfaces, or APIs, to transform how your organization or program shares data, content, and other resources. Our team of recognized API experts will show you how to achieve this by mastering critical stops along the API lifecycle.


Deliver software with ever-greater speed and stability. We'll impart you with the critical know-how necessary to take advantage of the latest DevOps approaches, including trunk-based development, shift-left security, continuous delivery, and more.

Internet of Things

Leverage the power of the Internet of Things, or IoT, to transform how services are delivered to the public. As recognized pioneers in the field of IoT, we'll give you the insight and credibility you need to effectively plan, deploy, operate, and secure IoT technologies across a number of applications, including smart cities, smart grids, and connected health.

Health Checks

Identify high-impact opportunities to improve the health of your digital service delivery project. We rapidly assess key dimensions, such as the user experience and code quality, and recommend priority areas for improvement.


Increase your acquisition's chances of success by aligning it to modern agile delivery principles. As pioneers of the agile acquisition movement, our team of experts will work hand-in-hand with you at every stage of your procurement.


Embed digital expertise throughout your organization or program. Leveraging our unique expertise in large-scale digital talent management, we'll work with you to attract, develop, retain, and empower digital talent.

Custom Support

It takes a lot to succeed in today's digital age. We're happy to offer a tailored approach to address your specific needs.

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