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Need immediate, quick-hit support to address a critical need that doesn't require a full-blown engagement? Our Microconsulting services are designed specifically for that purpose, providing you with on-demand access to our digital expertise. These services are conveniently priced within the federal government micropurchase threshold, making us just a swipe of a credit card away.

Service elements

Agile Solicitation Support

Increase the probability of your acquisition's success through a smartly-crafted solicitation aligned to agile delivery practices. Our team of technical and acquisition experts thoroughly review and recommend improvements to your solicitation package.

Code Quality Assessment

Identify code-quality issues holding your software development team back from delivering faster. We're experts at rapidly evaluating the quality of any codebase (large, small, legacy, modern), measuring technical debt, and recommending improvement actions.


Stimulate stakeholder imaginations about what's possible, and focus the strategic direction of your project, with our ability to create product prototypes at warp speed.

Coding Dojo

Quickly gain expertise with a specific programming language/framework, development practice, or technology through one of our well-orchestrated mini-coding bootcamps.

Agile Micro-sprint

Gain direct hands-on experience with agile while simultaneously advancing the development of your software product through a facilitated multi-day agile workshop.


Obtain quick advice on the suitability and trade-offs of using a particular architectural pattern, delivery practice, or technology from one of our digital experts.

An image of several mini-brains representing different types of microconsulting services.

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