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Digital Transformation

"Going digital" is about people first and technology second. At Skylight, we possess first-hand experience with embedding digital expertise throughout government organizations, and putting the operating principles, structures, and tools in place to unleash the superpowers of high-caliber digital teams.

Service elements

Digital Transformation Strategy

Chart a sustainable, self-sufficient path to becoming a digital-first agency through our holistic approach to assessing your unique needs and developing a plan for change.

Digital Talent Management

Increase and empower the digital talent within your agency, IT organization, business unit, or program office through our experience with large-scale digital talent management.

Lean-Agile Enterprise

Engage and empower teams across your organization to achieve unprecedented levels of performance by instituting lean-agile principles and practices at enterprise scale.

An image of a government building that's digitized with 0's and 1's.

Our work