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Digital Services Delivery

Today's public expects their interactions with government to be simple, delightful, secure, and empowering. At Skylight, we specialize in creating exceptional customer experiences and enduring solution architectures out of your most complex design and technology challenges.

Service elements

Customer Experience Design

Go beyond user experience design, and delight customers at every step of the journey with your service.

Rapid Prototyping

Assumptions are risky. Answer critical strategy, design, and tech questions with our rapid, customer-driven, iterative approach to prototyping.

Product Delivery

Deliver an amazing product to your users through our unique mix of research, strategy, design, engineering, data science, and agile project management.

Platform Delivery

Innovate from the outside-in with our experience making public assets — such as data, code, and standards — digitally open, accessible, and extensible, as well as building vibrant user communities.

Legacy Modernization

Introduce your legacy software system to the 21st century through our evolutionary, high-impact, low-risk approach to modernization.

Security Penetration Testing

Create more robust and secure digital services by integrating bug bounties into your development, security, and operational processes.

Tech Surge Support

Turn around a tech crisis affecting your mission critical functions quickly with one or more of our full-stack, rapid-response teams.

An image of a government building being rendered in a computer browser.

Our work