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Digital Procurement

To support digital progress, procurement must change. At Skylight, we combine technical and acquisition brains to make procurement work for you in the digital age. That means greater collaboration with vendors, faster delivery of value, higher quality results, lower costs, and more breakthrough innovations.

Service elements

Vendor Marketplaces

Create a curated marketplace of amazing tech vendors through our lauded experience with innovative procurement approaches such as technical challenges.

Agile Acquisition

Break free from your old acquisition habits with our proven lean-agile approach to software-based acquisitions, which we pioneered.


Establish a program for obtaining on-demand access to thousands of digital experts, such as designers and developers, through the creative and compliant use of micropurchasing procurement authorities, which we pioneered.

Good Practices Assurance

Continually pinpoint areas to improve your digital delivery practices where contractors are involved via our integrated approach to conducting UX audits, architecture/code audits, and lean-agile health checks.

Agile Coaching

Propel the performance of your digital delivery teams to the next level and beyond through our proven ability to coach at at all levels of your organization (executive, portfolio, program, team, and technical).

Challenges & Prizes

Source innovative digital solutions to problems from public communities through the use of challenge and prize competitions.

Illustration of a government building with icons representing different vendor offerings around it.

Our work