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Our content often follows standardized templates. These templates make both writing and reading easier. They also help future-proof our content, making the work reusable outside of where it was originally created.

Skylight Document Style Guide Locked

A guide to using the Skylight brand in Google Docs. We use this template for all internal documents.

Skylight Internal Document Template Locked

A simple template that can be used to format most internal documents.

Skylight Slides Deck Template Locked

A guide to using the Skylight brand for both internal and external presentations.

Skylight Sheets Styles Locked

A guide to formatting various kinds of tables, charts, invoices, and other forms of spreadsheets you might encounter at Skylight.

Skylight Research Plan & Report Template Locked

A guide for structuring external-facing research plans, reports, and other more formal documents.

External Agenda Template Locked

Provides structure for workshops and trainings with external stakeholders. Can be modified as needed.