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Design guidance

Whether designing a web page or a business card, we’ve developed essential guidance that we apply across Skylight’s marketing and communications materials.


Example outreach material. A brief Pre-headline. Title Communicates Most Important Info. Intro text explains other useful information: Provide context to engage your audience, Outline what you’re trying to do, Explain why you’re doing it. Avoid too much text. Be clear and concise. Include a clear call to action! (You might provide a date/time.)

When creating Skylight assets for marketing and communications purposes, we have a few guidelines that we’d like you to follow:

  1. Effectively order your content so the audience knows the most important information. Headings use a bold Libre Franklin font.
  2. Ensure you’ve included a clear call to action. To add contrast with our primary sans serif font, we use Roboto Mono for certain text elements (e.g., call to action, navigation, pre-headline kicker).
  3. White space is important. It allows the audience to focus on key details, visually highlights your content, and adds balance to your design.
  4. Images and text should complement each other. The text should be clear, easy to read, and minimal. Images should relate to the topic and help you use fewer words.