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Visual style

We want our audience to immediately recognize a Skylight illustration. To do that, we follow a few simple guidelines to ensure consistency, from our color palette to our use of lines and fill. Use this guidance to create illustrations that are uniquely Skylight.


Illustrations in the brand color palette

To create unity and cohesion within the brand, we use color in a specific way.

The limited color palette, combined with the offset outlines, creates a sophisticated, lighthearted, and positive tone.

Primary colors













Choose one bright primary color per illustration. Outlines should be black. Use light gray minimally as needed.

Skin and hair















Use skin and hair colors as needed to reflect the diversity in the world around us. These colors serve as a base to get started — they can get adjusted slightly to ensure contrast with the other colors in the illustration.

General guidance

Two images: A caretaker with children sitting around a table and playing with blocks with a computer in the background. Gear technician helping a female pilot put on her helmet.

To maintain consistency our illustrations use color, lines, and fills in a similar way:

  1. Use hair and skin colors, as needed, to represent the diverse world
  2. Create texture with patterns to add personality to the images
  3. Accent minimally with light gray
  4. Craft illustrations using offset outlines with selected fills
  5. Reflect real life with organizational clothing (such as military uniforms), an exception to the limited palette

Graphic elements

Geometric shapes and a website hero banner

Geometric shapes (circle, triangle, square) are recurring graphic elements used in both layout design and illustration. Consider the following rules when using these elements:

  1. Always outline
  2. Rotate and scale as needed
  3. Direct focus to important copy (but don’t overpower it)
  4. Anchor to illustration vignette when possible
  5. Add texture to negative space