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We’re a purpose-driven company, and much of our content is focused on trying to highlight the value of working with Skylight. Keeping our principles in mind will help you create illustrations that embody our values and best represent our identity.

Core principles

The following six principles will help you design effective Skylight illustrations.

1. Highlight impact

Demonstrate the impact of our mission and the work that we do. We want people to understand why working with us benefits them and society.

2. Humanize

People are at the center of our work. Embody this by incorporating human elements such as a person’s full body, face, or hands.

Typically, illustrations with objects only are reserved for icons.

3. Digitize

Show people interacting with technology, ​​or in visual metaphors about the physical and digital world intersecting.

In some cases, it might be more compelling to focus on the ultimate outcomes of our work rather than the technology or methods that we use.

4. Simplify

As a company, we aim to turn complex problems into the simplest solutions possible. Employ metaphors to translate the complexity of the problem and solution spaces in which we operate into widely understandable visuals. Because this method tends to be more accessible and memorable, avoid literal drawings.

5. Diversify

Reflect the diversity of the world that we live in — skin colors, body types, facial features (such as hair), age, abilities, style (such as clothing).

6. Contextualize

Keep in mind the purpose that the illustration is intended to serve.

For example, if the illustration will accompany a case study or blog post, reinforce what we’re trying to accomplish within the text — that is, what we’re trying to communicate to the target audience.