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Capturing Skylight’s work through imagery is essential to telling a compelling story about our impact on public services. We offer guidance around what makes our visual style distinctive and provide tips on what makes an effective visual.


A few people collaborating on a large project (small people holding big pencils, filling out a larger than life chart)
Doctors, administrators, and veteran patients interacting through digital panes.

We use illustration as our primary visual style. It makes us feel different and vibrant, and helps us tell better stories through art. Illustrations are a key part of Skylight’s brand.

Creating new artwork? You should check out our illustration brand guidelines.


Two airmen sitting inside an aircraft
A woman pointing to Post-it Notes on a wall while people watch and listen

When sharing photos, we want to feature real people with real-life stories to tell. Capture a sense of place by showing activities with teammates, customers, and partners.

Facial expressions, clothing, and hair/makeup should look natural (not over-the-top stock).

Every image should tell a story. There are a few tricks we can use to make sure your message comes across to viewers:

  • Figure out what you’re trying to say with this photo
  • Capture all relevant objects, people, and background
  • Focus your image on people in action, facial expressions, and body language
  • Consider the composition of your image
  • Take a moment to remove any distractions from the scene


Gabriel Ramirez headshot
Maya Benari headshot

We aim to take authentic portraits of people.

Use a shallow depth of field in an outdoor setting.

When possible, set up images to include an element of blue (in clothing or surroundings).

The photo should be edited using a realistic color balance.